Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Makes Me Stitch...

Whenever I find a new design blog that looks interesting, I always want to peruse their past entries and end up spending a great deal of time scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "Older Posts." I want to see where the person comes from and how their style evolves both personally and design-wise, so I decided that I wanted to include a link on to the very beginning of the blog with a little background info. This goes out to all those who have OCD and want to see the story chronologically like myself!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

I lived in Japan for a year and a half (as a missionary), so you may see me wield the occasional Japanese word or phrase, as they are sometimes so appropriate! The introduction of this section, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu, is used when you first meet someone, and not only means "pleased to meet you" but also conveys a sense of starting out on the right foot and looking forward to future interactions, almost like saying "Nice to meet you--I hope we shall become very good friends!" (which is, by the way, very fun to say in an English accent) And whether you look at my blog because you are already a friend or family member who wants to support my delusions of grandeur (I'd be nowhere without many people thinking I was awesome long before they ever had proof of it!) or because you found it on your own and like my ideas, I really sincerely hope we shall become very good friends!

About Me

I am from a family of eight kids, four girls and four boys, most of whom live near my wonderful parents in Utah. They are my anchor in life and are responsible for shaping every good part of me. My wonderful Mom and Dad always encouraged us to be creative and resourceful (and to develop our talents--we have the coolest family band ever!) so, even though Mom hated even looking at mending and I somehow never had the seemingly obligatory Home Ec class, when I needed more skirts in my middle school wardrobe, I decided to figure out how to make one! Working up from simple elastic waist skirts to dabbling in prom dresses, costumes, and even making patterns from my favorite clothes in high school, I fell in love with the almost detective like process of figuring out how to make the outfit in my head come out of the flat scraps of fabric in front of me, all before even thinking about taking a proper class! In college, I finally took a sewing class and apprenticed with an amazing seamstress to refine my technical skills, and though I'm still mostly self taught, I feel comfortable with almost anything the sewing world can throw at me, and often try to take inspiration from neat styles that I see my friends or associates wearing!

I'm very inspired by vintage designs with a modern flair, and fun draping or architectural details, and my mantra is "Modest is Hottest". Let's be honest, as sleek or fun or stylish as you think some clothing is, nobody wants people looking down your shirt or up your skirt. You're most comfortable with yourself when you love the way you look but are also appropriate for any environment, whether it's in the office or on the town; meeting your hot date or meeting his parents; planting some flowers, or holding them in your wedding bouquet.

When my older sisters got married, it was so hard to find something that wasn't so revealing that it left the bride blushing for the entirely wrong reasons, and when they looked to seamstress friends for help, I began to realize that I probably had the skills and creativity to help with that all too common dilemma! I designed and made my own wedding dress and have been altering special occasion and office wear since, all the while continuing to get to all sorts of inspirations for ready to wear clothing as well. It wasn't until this year, when I found some amazing design blogs and clothing sites, that I decided to throw in my proverbial hat and start documenting some of my design ideas on a blog myself, so here I am! I hope someday to have my own designs available for purchase, but for the time being, I stitch part-time!

Growing up in the Southwest, being a missionary in Japan, and moving to the East Coast after marrying my sweetheart, I've also always been surrounded by natural beauty and have a passion for photography. On top of my design inspirations and musings, I hope to feature some non-sewing-related photography now and then too!

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Spencer said...

Great blog! I like the idea of clothing being modest and comfortable, but not boring. To me this is what classy dress is all about.