Saturday, June 11, 2011

Second Week of Creativity, Day 7-9, a New Hair-do, and a "Recycled" Purse

Day 7:

The calendar prompt for Day 7 was fashion. You know I love that! Too bad it was a work day and we already had plans for the evening! Booooo!

This blog is as much about me being a stylist as it is about me being a seamstress and designer though, so I decided to make the best of my limited time and go with a new hairstyle I saw my sister do for curly hair--and I love how it turned out!

Days 8-9:

The prompt for Day 8 was recycle, and it was a perfect reminder that I'd bought a cute purse at a consignment shop recently (pre-owned means I'm recycling!), and it needed some repairs. Even though it didn't need a needle, there was a lot of "threading" on this project :)

I just love the beads on this purse! It had some long threads on the ends of the strap where it was broken, so I used what was already there for the repairs. It was a pretty strong monofilament, so I used a straight pin to help me untie the knots, and then thread it back through on one end:

And then I noticed it looked really weak on the other edge where it connected to the pouch part:

It wouldn't make much sense to fix the strap only to have the it fall off the purse later on, so I pulled the beads off and threaded it all back through again:

I ran out of time on day 8, so I put everything inside the purse and zipped it up so nothing would get lost till I could finish it the next day:

Once everything was re-beaded and tied tightly, multiple times, I pulled out some matches and melted the threads very closely, melding the knots together:

All done!
It's a pretty fine line between melding the knot and melting right through it :) I was very careful tho, and now it looks like it will hold up for a long time! I told you I could do fashion without the sewing machine! And this one was only 3.50 total--resourcefulness is so great for the wallet! What's your own favorite deal/fix lately?

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